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PMMan password setting

The following is a screen by screen walkthrough of the process of setting a new password, or resetting a lost pasword, on an account. Click on any left side image for a larger image of just that panel.


PMMan Secure management interface

The top landing page for the control interface is minimal in nature. It shows a link out to the main webpage for PMMan, the GMT time, a button to start a new session. One of our design goals is that we want to offer only one straightforward choice at a time.


PMman Login page

In the usual case, one simply enters the email address used to set up the account and the password, and goes on. But in the case of a new account, or an account which has not been used for a while, the password may have been forgotten. In such a case, choose the link respecting a forgotten one, or a need to reset password.


PMman Request password reset

Next, Enter the email address used for your account, and solve the 'Capthca'. The capthca is used to permit detection of automated password cracking attacks.

Only one password reset request may be in effect at a time, and sending a later request automatically cancels any prior requests. Also a request will expire after a time.

An email is sent with the link to reset a password.


Check your email client

Next, check your email, and an email of the following type should appear. Note that email may be subject to filtering on your end and so pieces may show up 'out of order'.

We will either click, or copy the link into a web browser in the next step.


Your web browser

In this example, we copy the link and paste it into a new browser session in the address bar at the top.


PMman Password setup or reset

Go to that page, and the URL is decoded, and avoids the need for a password. It also notes that lost password hash as 'expired' so that it may not be used further. The form also requires that you re-key your email address as a mild confirmation to slow down automated attacks.


PMman Enter new password

The same password is entered twice, of course, and the change submitted.


PMman Password reset completed

The system confirms that it has accepted the change.


PMman Login Page

Finally, then, one is returned to the login screen, and can provide the credential. We do this to help you confirm that you have remembered the password correctly. Go ahead and log in

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